Vitamin A (also known as retinol) is the only known molecule that helps keep skin healthy! Vitamin A is an amazing molecule found naturally in the skin and needs to be replaced DAILY for the skin to function properly and be healthy. In fact, the root cause of all unhealthy skin conditions is vitamin A deficiency.  Most people are unaware that they suffer from a chronic localized deficiency of vitamin A. 

The key to skin health is to replenishing the nutrients your skin needs so your skin can return to functioning optimally as well as look and feel healthy. Vitamin A is the ONLY molecule that can actually reprogram damaged cells, working at the DNA level to create healthy and beautifully radiant skin.

What does Vitamin A do for the skin?

It assists in the formation of healthy collagen and elastin formation and thereby thickens and stimulates the dermis leaving the skin looking firmer and more youthfully radiant.

It stimulates and normalizes blood flow to the surface of the skin which increases the nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells.

It helps to normalize cell turnover in the epidermis 

It reduce the symptoms of rosacea

It increases the rate of wound healing - treats acne scarring

It repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis thereby reducing trans-epidermal water loss and leaving the skin more hydrated

It decreases clustering of melanin granules - reducing brown spots and hyperpigmentation. 

It  normalizes the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme that plays a vital role in the production of melanin.

It helps to improve problematic skin conditions such as acne by helping to normalize oil production and thus treats acne brilliantly.

The key to your skin’s ability to utilize Vitamin A is the delivery system to transport this molecule deep into the skin

The introduction of topical Vitamin A to the skin needs to be carefully managed so that a retinoids reaction does not occur. A high concentration of retinol can be harsh on the skin and cause a Vitamin A reaction. It is best to start with a lower concentration and then as the skin becomes more comfortable with retinol the levels can be increased. Achieving the right levels of retinol is always tricky and is based on our exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors so it is best to have a skin specialist introduce the correct dose of vitamin A for your skin.


No skin care brand understands the benefits of Vitamin A better than Environ. Created by Dr. Des Fernandes over 25 years ago, the Environ A+ Complex is a renowned Vitamin A STEP UP SYSTEM designed to help skin become gradually more comfortable with increased levels of Vitamin A. 

The simple truth is that Vitamin A needs to be replaced every day for skin to be healthy and resilient. 

Does your skincare have vitamin A?   Does your skincare routine allow for an increase in Vitamin A every three months?    Learn more about the beautiful science of this Vitamin A+ Complex at Skin RNI.