Skin RNI is the home of your personal skin care specialist who you can turn to for all your skin care needs,  professional advise,  products and advanced treatments. If you are looking to achieve beautiful, healthy, youthful skin than this is the place for you. At Skin RNI we utilize exclusively Environ professional skin care which delivers scientifically proven results by combining vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, and hyuloronic acid at effective doses. Having the correct essential nutrients in your skin care is step one, having a system for the micro-delivery of these vital nutrients deep into the skin is the key to healing and repairing the skin. For beautiful and healthy skin you need both. The Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT is the latest breakthrough in skin care treatments, allowing for improved penetration of vitamins into the skin layer. In clinic Vitamin Infusion Facial Treatments increase penetration of nutrients into the skin even deeper, up to 4000 percent!

Professional treatments that work and products that get results!


The Skin RNI Clinic

Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canmore, Alberta, the Skin RNI Clinic was designed to create an atmosphere ox exclusive, personal tranquility. Our “one client at a time” approach allows every client to experience their own “Personal Skin Care Specialist”. Every client’s treatment protocol and professional products are uniquely tailored.


State of the Art Treatments

All of the treatments on the menu are State of the Art and encompass wellness, relaxation and science to deliver a highly customized professional protocol. Each treatment is performed by a highly trained Skin Specialist utilizing high-tech, non-invasive medical skin enhancing equipment with a back-bar of professional grade products.

Professional Skin Care


Skin RNI utilizes Environ Professional Skin Care which is a globally recognized skin care brand built on science, beauty and care. Environ’s unique and highly effective VITAMIN STEP-UP SYSTEM helps to gradually deliver vitamin A combined with other essential nutrients such as antioxidants and peptides to repair and replenish the skin.

The Woodhouse in Cherbruke was the perfect vacation home. The service is unparalleled. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!”